Welcome to Okanagan`s most historic winery.

Our guests can enjoy a trip to Hainle Organic vineyards with its rich history of being the first Ice Wine Producer in North America and 1st certified organic winery in Canada.

Come and visit Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery and experience a part of Canada’s history. Our wines are traditionally handcrafted by winemaking recipes from the mid 1800’s without the use of chemicals or additives. We use only the best Estate grown grapes from our Peachland organic Vineyards for our Hainle and Deep Creek Estate wines.

About Us

Hainle Vineyards was founded by Walter and Regina Hainle in 1972 in Peachland, BC. Walter started as one of the first Canadian wine growers planting European Vitis vinifera grapes. Walter started as early as 1974 to make Icewine out of grapes and in 1978 he produced the first commercial Icewine of North America. Hainle was always committed to produce organic bio dynamic wines and in 1988 Hainle Vineyards became the first certified organic Winery in Canada. Today Hainle is still producing some of the best Wines in the World with new world grapes and old world winemaking techniques.

Hainle Estate Wines

Hainle Estate wines are from Estate grown single vineyards owned or managed by Hainle Vineyards. All grapes are grown organically and managed by our own employees. Reserve wines can come either from our Hainle or Deep Creek Vineyards and are our most thought after wines.

Deep Creek Estate Wines

Deep Creek Estate wines are as the name says from our Deep Creek Vineyards. They are personal managed by our winemaker Walter Huber and are only used to produce our best Hainle and Deep Creek Reserve wines.

Hainle Classic and Deep Creek Classic Wines

Hainle and Deep Creek Classic wines come from different areas in the Okanagan. They are grown by our grape growers, privately owned and checked for quality by our winemaker Walter Huber many times during the growing year in order to guaranty the best possible quality of grapes. Samples are taken and the vineyards are checked to make sure they are organically grown.


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We are presently setting up our secure log in Wine club web pages for Canada, Asia and Europe. We will have our rarest and most valuable vintages on sell for our limited member wine club only. For membership please check back with us for more info at sales@hainle.com

Latest News

April 27 2017

Corporate Vision Magazine, Staffordshire, England 2017 Global Excellence Award Best Ice Wine Experts 2017


December 01 2016

Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery being awarded LUX Award for Ice Wine Experts 2016 – Canada in the 2016 Food & Drink Awards


Interwine China Guangzhou

November 14 2017

Dr. Walter Huber is Honourable Guest speaker

At China’s 1st imported wine quallity forum


Interwine China

November 12 to November 14

Location Guangzhou

Display # 15.2d – 15.17d

10:00 am to 5:00 pm